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June 12, 2022 Off

Civilian Fords and Toyotas Turned Into Battle Trucks for Ukraine’s Forces

By iwano@_84

A team of volunteers from Europe, Ukraine, and the USA are working to turn civilian trucks into Ukrainian military vehicles.  The trucks are retrofitted with armor and weapons. The team has refitted 60 vehicles and has 15 in progress to...

June 11, 2022 Off

Semi-Truck Hits Automobile, Pole, Bystander, Wall, Crashes Into Resort Pool: Police

By iwano@_84

A semi-truck crashed into a hotel pool just after putting a auto early Saturday morning in San Antonio injuring a...

June 8, 2022 Off

Teens jumping in entrance of moving vans: TikTok problem

By iwano@_84

Preposterous TikTok challenges are again — and the large rate of getting online infamy is once more endangering the life of...