2022 Ford F-150 Lightning’s Electrical power, Payload Rankings Revised

May 1, 2022 Off By [email protected]_84

What does this mean, precisely? Effectively, the F-150 Lightning, which only will come with twin electrical motors (one at just about every axle) and just one of two battery packs (a conventional range and an extended variety), initially was quoted as giving 426 hp with the common-selection pack and 563 with the juicier extended-range setup. Ford now claims the common-vary model packs 452 hp, up 26 hp from Ford’s “specific” number, and the extended-array variation doles out a mighty 580 hp, up 17 hp from the predicted figure. Both versions of the F-150 Lightning even now deliver 775 lb-ft of torque, for every Ford. Whilst no Lightning can contact, say, the 1,000-hp GMC Hummer EV pickup or even Rivian’s 835-hp electrical R1T, the ability up grade is welcome nonetheless. And it can make the standard-vary Lightning the most impressive F-150 pickup ever, edging the F-150 Raptor’s pony count by a pair.

The up-to-date electric power figures follow earlier information that the Lightning shipped, in sure guises, far better-than-envisioned driving range. To recap, these ranges, um, range from the conventional-range model’s 230 miles to 320 miles for the prolonged-vary designs (besides for the heavier Platinum trim level, which sees its extended-selection battery deliver just 300 miles). Ford also confirmed the tantalizing news that the entry-stage Lightning Professional model would be offered with the extended-range battery—although (for now) that possibility is limited to fleet clients.

Ford also says the F-150 Lightning’s payload figures have been revised upward, although fewer impressively so than the horsepower figures. Particular, unspecified variations of the Lightning can “now haul an additional 235 lbs .,” for each Ford, lifting the optimum just one of the electric trucks can have to 2,235 kilos.