AKIRA Fan Builds Incredible Kaneda Bike

AKIRA Fan Builds Incredible Kaneda Bike

April 3, 2022 Off By iwano@_84

There are a lot of amazing motorcycles in ’80s sci-fi videos. The mild cycles from TRON. The amazingly goofy traveling bikes from Megaforce. You can even count the speeder bikes from Return of the Jedi. It was the golden age of tricked-out movie cycles. But none are as cool as Kanada’s futuristic purple motorcycle from Akira. This legendary bicycle from the typical anime film could possibly be cooler than all all those other types put alongside one another.

And now, thanks to Comic E book Means (by way of Boing Boing) we have learned that a focused lover in Japan has designed their incredibly have functioning replica Akira cycle. And we will have to say, it appears quite impressive. You can look at the full video of its generation suitable in this article:

This Akira replica bikes comes from Japanese YouTuber and motorbike fanatic Ayato, also known as Teruteru Boizu. This task started out all-around six months back. The Akira bicycle at first was just an old junk bike. Ayato then stripped the old bicycle down to just its frame, engine, and tires, later fabricating a new shell to give it the genuine Akira look. He even crafted a customized suspension, so that it rode just like the just one from the movie. It does not have the iconic purple paint job but, but it does have that legendary glow many thanks to the LED lights added to the wheels.

 Ayato's custom built Akira style motrocyle.
Ayato てるてるボーイズ

This custom development could be our only possibility to see a genuine Akira bicycle in the fast long run. Regardless of numerous attempts more than the yrs, it looks that the live-motion Akira movie is just hardly ever acquiring off the ground. Taika Waititi’s live-action Akira was in the cards for a extensive time, just before Warner Bros. bought cold feet and pulled it off the timetable. When all over again, the significant display Akira is in limbo. Probably this supporter-manufactured motorbike will be the only time we ever see the well-known anime bicycle in true lifestyle. We just hope the rider manages a person great scream of the name “Tetsuo!” when driving it.