Audi May possibly Develop a Pickup Truck

March 28, 2022 Off By [email protected]_84
Audi may well be finding into the pickup truck market.

It’s significantly from a assure, but when the U.K.’s Autocar asked Audi Chairman of the Board Markus Duesmann if an Audi-badged pickup ended up feasible, he answered, “we will existing — not too much from now — it’s possible something.”

Believe that it or Not, They Have Anything to Get the job done With

Audi is regarded in the U.S., mostly, as a rival to BMW and Mercedes in the sporty luxury motor vehicle realm. But the firm is the luxurious marque of worldwide big Volkswagen, which does have its personal pickup on the way. The VW Amarok has been sold in Europe considering that 2010.

VW has an all-new Amarok in the works, this a single sharing its underpinnings with the well known Ford Ranger.

Luxurious-Badged Vehicles Exist Abroad

Luxury automakers are inclined to keep out of the truck sector in the U.S. Americans obtain far more luxury vehicles than Europeans do. But we have a tendency to purchase them from the identical identify makes we get function vans from. A totally loaded Ford F-150 or Ram 1500 can price as a lot as a luxurious car or truck and have most of the very same capabilities, but it wears a Ford or Ram badge.

Overseas, luxurious trucks often don more highly-priced logos. Mercedes, for occasion, designed its X-Class pickup in live performance with Nissan right until 2020.

So an Audi-badged truck would be by itself as a pickup with a European luxurious name on the tailgate, but Audi could establish 1 off the Amarok platform without developing it from scratch.

Electric powered Platform Far more Most likely?

Nonetheless, it could possibly be additional probably for them to start off from a clear sheet. The company has promised to offer nothing at all but electric autos as quickly as 2026.

Since electrical cars and trucks maintain all of their moving components in a solitary, skateboard-like device that fits beneath the floorboards, brands can effortlessly adapt their models to make distinct types of motor vehicles. The upcoming Chevy Silverado EV, for instance, shares its system with several GM-branded electric powered crossovers.

An Audi pickup intended to enter the promptly increasing area of electric powered vehicles could quickly share a platform with other EVs from VW brand names, like the upcoming Volkswagen ID.Excitement electric microbus.