Essential driving tips to navigate icy roadways in Texas

Essential driving tips to navigate icy roadways in Texas

January 27, 2022 Off By iwano@_84

TEXAS — Winter weather is upon us, which suggests we could see some slick and slippery roads this 7 days.

Texas Office of Transportation crews have pretreated the roads with the winter advisory in impact and warn drivers to push slowly and gradually.

To stay away from accidents and heavy delays, AAA Texas encourages drivers to continuously tune into climate forecasts in the course of this time and to postpone trips if you can.

In advance of hopping into your car or truck, check your tire force, tread depth and styles to make sure your tires are strong and all set to consider on the street. Continue to keep your gasoline tank at the very least halfway full so that the gas line will not freeze up. Do not heat up your motor vehicle in an enclosed area and do not leave your auto working while unattended.

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While you are on the highway, make certain to leave enough home in between you and the vehicle in entrance of you. Cut down your pace and brake gradually to avoid skidding. If you do skid, even so, steer your car in the course you want to go and do not slam on your brakes.

Bridges, overpasses and shady regions are additional possible to freezer more quickly than roads, so drive with care. Do not use cruise control and be extra cautious on occasionally traveled streets. If you have to pull over, do so securely, and if you can, in a rest area or parking good deal somewhat than the shoulder of the road.​