This Motorcycle Utilizes H2o! | Hackaday

This Motorcycle Utilizes H2o! | Hackaday

April 2, 2022 Off By iwano@_84

Executing the rounds amongst motorbike fanatics for the past 7 days has been a somewhat uncommon machine variously portrayed as functioning on drinking water or sea drinking water. This sounds like the stuff of the so-called “Free energy” fringe and absolutely not the normal Hackaday fare, but it comes together with pics of a smiling teenager and what seems to be enough like a real bike to have one thing powering it. So what is likely on? The response is that it is the university student venture of an Argentinian teenager [Santiago Herrera], and while it is stretching it a bit to say it runs on sea drinking water he’s definitely designed a conventional motorcycle operate on the oxygen-hydrogen combine made from the electrolysis of h2o. The TikTok video clips are in Spanish, but even for non-speakers it really should be fairly crystal clear what’s going on.

It’s evident that the bicycle is a lot more of a university student demonstrator than a street equipment, as we’re not so confident a glass jar is the most secure of receptacles. But the attention-grabbing part for us lies not in the electrolysis but in the motor. it seems to be a relatively regular seeking bike engine, a normal small horizontal one. It’s functioning on a stoichiometric combine of oxygen and hydrogen, a little something that packs lots of punch around a identical mix employing air instead than oxygen. It would be interesting to know the effect of this mixture on an motor intended for frequent gasoline, for case in point does it reach finish combustion, does it burn up hotter than regular gasoline, and does it set more pressure on the engine elements?

You can see a little something of the bike in the video down below the split, and there are a several additional video clips in his TikTok account. Meanwhile this isn’t the to start with teenage bike challenge we’ve highlighted.


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