TikTok Shares Very best Apply Guidelines for Driving Conversion with Your Adverts

TikTok Shares Very best Apply Guidelines for Driving Conversion with Your Adverts

December 4, 2021 Off By iwano@_84

TikTok has shared a new set of tips on how to maximize conversion with your TikTok ads, based on hundreds of examples in its system.

Working with automated analysis, TikTok scanned its ad network to establish critical elements of the highest converting campaigns, which could be a significant enable in maximizing the effectiveness of your approach on the system.

Here’s what it discovered:

As you can see here, taking pictures in higher resolution, employing whole-display screen presentation, sharing a crystal clear CTA and keeping your messaging shorter (amongst 21 and 34 seconds) can all perform a major function in boosting your TikTok advertisement efficiency.

Several of these ideas have been market ideal observe notes for some time, but it is interesting to see them highlighted dependent on TikTok-distinct illustrations also.

In addition to this, TikTok has also presented some industry-unique guidelines:


  • Working with closed captioning or on-screen text that clearly displays an provide or simply call-to-action drove an 80% lift in conversion
  • A mix of human voiceover illustrating the item and created present drove an 87% lift in conversion
  • Videos that employed a assortment of scenes, as opposed to a static shot, led to a 38% lift in conversion


  • Gaming adverts with 5 or extra scenes confirmed a 171% lift in conversion in contrast to those with much less scenes.
  • Movies that used onscreen textual content in the initial 7 seconds observed a 43% lift in conversion as opposed to videos that waited 7 seconds or for a longer period to exhibit textual content

There are some valuable, actionable notes here, which could provide steering in your personal TikTok adverts approach. Of training course, efficiency will even now arrive down to your individual imaginative technique, and how your model and product or service connects with the TikTok audience. But by familiarizing your self with the app, and following these notes, you might be able to formulate better ways to your campaigns.

You can look at out TikTok’s entire conversion recommendations overview here.