Why are there white fire trucks?

Why are there white fire trucks?

November 9, 2021 Off By iwano@_84

Q: I bought a new car in late 2019 and have hardly ever driven it farther south than Salinas. I lately acquired two Notices of Toll Evasion Violation from Metro ExpressLanes in Torrance. A different automobile, apparently with the identical license plate as mine, is driving in the specific lanes on Interstate 10 in Los Angeles without the need of a FasTrak account.

I’ve contested both equally notices applying footage from one particular of my property security cameras which shows me driving from my residence with a time stamp that makes it apparent my car couldn’t physically be on I-10 in L.A. when the violations have been recorded. I’m hoping my responses will take care of the challenge, but am worried that these notices will go on.

How typical is this?

Kate A., San Jose

A: Not prevalent, but it takes place, for a few of good reasons. One particular is that officials misread the license plate range on the footage or transcribe it improperly. A more sinister rationale is that a scofflaw makes use of a black marker or in some other way alterations their obvious license plate number as a way to dodge fees.

Metro ExpressLane workers virtually instantly reject appeals, but continue to keep pressing, as you have evidence that you have been not current in which and when the violations had been recorded.

Q: This is something that could be a minimal different from your typical letter that you acquire, but I think you’re the dude to uncover the solution. Expanding up, every single fireplace truck I would see was red. How come Santa Clara County (Fire Department) has white fireplace vans as an alternative of crimson ones?

Robert Bergman, Cupertino

A: You are going to be looking at far more white or lime-colored vans because pink does not stand out that perfectly, even with sirens and lights flashing, in particular at evening. White or vibrant yellow-green hearth vehicles are substantially additional obvious. To improve visibility of the red fireplace engines, some departments are adding a ton of reflective striping to them.

Q: Concerning your description of the “appearance of ripples,” which may possibly “look” like washboarding surface on Alma Avenue, I propose you acquire an eastbound travel on Alma. Pay shut interest to the region just earlier Lelong to Lick. You, too, will see the 3-D outcome of that highway. It’s the next best detail to a Santa Clara County roller coaster. It has been this way considering the fact that they opened the highway following resurfacing it.

Blanche Liggett